According to. Jan 12, 2023 · The Mysterious, Unregistered Fund That Raised Big Money for Santos.



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Here’s a guide to his lies on topics including the.

, said Wednesday he will not resign from office after pleading not guilty to an array of federal crimes including fraud, theft, money laundering and making false. . S.

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A fundraiser for George Santos allegedly posed as Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff, per CNBC. Santos loaned more than $800,000 to his campaign and PACs.

“I have no desire not to comply at this point,” Santos said outside the courtroom after.
US congressman George Santos, who ran for office on an embellished biography, has been charged with a wide range of felonies including fraud.

Here’s a guide to his lies on topics including the Holocaust, Jewish family members, the.


14 hours ago · George Santos, the embattled Republican congressman charged by the US with fraud and money laundering, has secured three mystery guarantors for his $500,000 bond. Representative George Santos, the New York Republican under indictment for campaign finance violations, appointed himself as his. .

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By Jessica Levinson, MSNBC Columnist.

. " His comments came after he compared George Soros to the "X-Men" villain Magneto on Monday.





) has been charged with federal crimes after a months-long investigation and is expected to appear in court on Long Island on Wednesday.