This video will show you how to flush your biliary or abscess drainage catheter.

If you have a Penrose drain, the clot should move into the dressing.

Instead, the end of the tube is open. Follow the instructions in step 1.

Clean the skin.

She begins by trimming the stiches before sliding the drain out.

orgCONNECT WITH MSK Facebook: http://face. Place a waterproof pad under the wound site. Use the towel to gently pat the area dry.


Assist the patient to a comfortable position that provides easy access to the drain and/or wound area. Once the drain and all the sutures have. Check the skin around the tubing for any redness, swelling, warmth, or bad-smelling drainage.

Place a gauze under the drain. Place a gauze under the drain.

You can use hibitane soap from the animal hospital and warm water to gently clean and dry the area twice daily until the drain is removed.

Another type of drain is called a Penrose drain.

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Gather supplies: 4x4 inch gauze pads Suture removal kit Fresh jock strap or tight underwear 2. Throw them away.

Step-by-Step: Wound Drain Placement.
Start at the drain insertion site, moving in a circular motion.

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Clean and dry your hands.

Put the cut 4x4 gauze under your Penrose drain (see Figure 1). Penrose surgical drains aid the body in healing by relieving the affected site of excess fluid and by helping prevent infection. .

. 7. . . Flat. Penrose drains are the most common type of open, passive drain used (see Figure 17-3, B and Table 17-1 ).


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Drains are sometimes necessary for managing fluid accumulations or prophylactically when postoperative fluid accumulation is likely due to dead space or wounds in high-motion areas.


Wash your hands with soap and water 3.